Cristiano Ronaldo has finally revealed what was said between him and PSG - Paris Saint-Germain's manager.
Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed what was said between himself and Paris Saint-Germain coach Laurent Blanc, insisting it doesn’t mean he’s leaving Real Madrid. That moment set millions of tongues wagging and fingers typing across the world, with fevered speculation over what might have been said.
But neither man would open up about what passed between them - until now. “I talk to a lot of people. When people treat me well, I treat them well. This is a mess that doesn’t exist,”
Ronaldo apparently told Marca after scoring four goals in an 8-0 routing of Malmo on Tuesday night. “What happened with Blanc is that before he had spoken highly of me and I just said thank you for his comments and told him I appreciated them. “I’ve known the president of PSG for a long time. He seems very nice and has always treated me well. That’s what happened.”