Conor McGregor KO's Jose Aldo In 13 Seconds!
Conor McGregor knocks out Jose Aldo 13 seconds into the first round to become the new UFC featherweight champion.

LAS VEGAS – It wasn't just that Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds at UFC 194 on Saturday night with a left hook, in one of the most watched events in company history.
It was that he knew he would, and he called it.
In the post-fight press conference at the MGM Grand, McGregor took the podium to answer questions from the media about his performance. The first question wasn't so much a question as a query: How did he predict the outcome so accurately?

Analyst Robin Black read McGregor back a comment he'd made on Thursday at the open workouts, and asked him how.

"I felt when we stared down, I felt his right hand was clinching, which was a subtle tell for me," Black read back McGregor's words. "He is ready to unload that right hand and I feel that could be a downfall for him. If he lets that right hand go, I will not be there. I simply enter the way I enter, and that is enough. They either over-extend, or they shrink away. Either way it is not good for them. I will create traps and dead space inside that Octagon, and I will either rock him into that dead space, but all of a sudden he will be in danger."