Jasons Days's Wife Gets Taken Out by Lebron James
The wife of the Australian golfer Jason Day was taken away in a neck brace on a stretcher after being accidentally crunched by Cleveland superstar LeBron James while watching an NBA match.

The four-time NBA MVP was chasing a loose ball when he tumbled towards the seats, and Ellie Day bore the full impact of James’s 113kg frame.

James said in a post-match interview shown on ESPN: “Obviously her health is very important and hopefully she’s doing well. The guys told us she’s doing great now. Going for a loose ball I was just trying to keep the possession going and I hate that that was the end result of it.”
Ellie Day was taken to a local hospital for treatment, as reported by cleveland.com and the ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst, while James was also quoted as saying: “She squeezed my hand, said she was fine. I think she was just a little weary.”