Gattuso slaps Tottenham assistant coach Joe Jordan!!
Gattuso's still got it. :)

Notorious hothead Gennaro Gattuso added his signature element of class to Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League proceedings by slapping Tottenham assistant coach Joe Jordan in the neck during his club’s surprise 1-0 loss at home in the first leg of the round of 16.

As if being outperformed by the Spurs on the San Siro pitch wasn’t enough humiliation, Gattuso managed to sink even lower in the 60th minute with his sideline attack on a man his senior by almost thirty years. To his credit, the 59-year-old Jordan didn’t back down after being pushed in the throat, although the ref and fellow players intervened before things got out of control.

Amazingly, Gattuso wasn’t even disciplined for his blatant, unsportsmanlike aggression. He did, however, get himself suspended for the return leg after getting yellow carded in the 76th minute.
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