Super Size Model Iskra Lawrence respond at the user who called her 'fat cow' in Instagram
Social networks are being widely used by the fashion industry to promote their latest collections. Similarly, a large number of independent models are also using them to promote their work and their image.

On the Internet, aggressive messages with the sole purpose of disqualifying are a constant reality and this time has come the turn of receiving the size model Iskra Lawrence when, after posting on Instagram a photo of her in a bikini, a user he referred to it as 'fat cow'.

Lawrence, 25, shot to worldwide fame for having always refused to retouch digital photos, as they prefer to show the world as it is , with positive messages and personal acceptance. In fact, it is the managing editor of the website of fashion, beauty and style Runaway Riot, using models of all kinds to their catalogs, describing it as a beauty "for women of all sizes."

Answer: "This is for anyone to ever have called FAT . [...] I do not condone binge eating. As what I want in moderation. I'll eat chips, but also do healthy homemade meals and regular exercise. The message is who cares what they think of you. You are the one who decides your own value ."