The dog, called Hef, was supposedly 'sexually assaulted' by the model and the famous owner has posted his 'evidence' online. He couldn't keep his paws off her...
Model Deyana Mounira is being sued after someone filed a lawsuit claiming she was behaving ‘inappropriately’ towards their dog. When I say ‘inappropriately’, I mean in a ‘sexual’ way. This is an article I never thought I would have to write in my career, but here we are – a story about a model who got someone’s dog so aroused he’s taking her to court over it. However the issue wasn’t about Deyana getting the dog aroused, it was the fact she posted it on social media after the owner specifically requested her not to. Let’s be honest, male dogs – just like male men or any species for that matter – are sexually driven. Once they come of age there’s only one thing on their mind. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then maybe you need to ask your old man about the birds and the bees. Hef, the dog in question, was allegedly sexually assaulted by Deyana during a photoshoot at the owner’s house. Hef’s owner, Tony Toutouni – who claims to be ‘Instagram famous’, according to TMZ – says the Instagram model started playing around with his dog.

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